What To Look For In Your Wedding Dream Team

As well as helping you pick out the most beautiful wedding flowers in San Diego, here are a few tips on how to make your wedding a beautiful reality.  

Picking the right collaborators for your wedding is critical. Think of yourself, your floral designer, wedding coordinator, venue coordinator, and even your photographer as a team. They can help you take your vision and transform it into a surreal and beautiful reality. You should collaborate with them on absolutely every aspect of the event from the décor and lighting, to the cake design!

Choose people who will work to help and support each other. Great wedding vendors should first be an advocate for you, the bride and groom, but just as important they should be able to collaborate and look out for the best interests of all vendors involved in your wedding day. The best vendors you can hire for your wedding day are ones that will make an effort to understand everyone’s role in the wedding day. Ask a few key questions when you interview your vendors to learn a little bit about them as individuals as well as their business philosophy. Perhaps come right out and ask them how they plan to contribute to the team.

You want team members that are progressive in their trade as well as confident in their own skills and abilities. However, they must also be flexible to offer insights and work together with other’s and their ideas to successfully execute your vision. A wedding planner/coordinator can help manage your team, but selecting the right vendors with the right skill set and attitude is the key to a successful wedding!


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