Mental Health and Flowers

There has been an abundance of talk about the importance of mental health lately, as there should be. We watch what we eat. We work out. We park further away from the store to get extra steps in. We eat organic foods. We cut back on carbs. We drink more water. We get more sleep…well, we mean to… We do all of these things to lead healthier lives. What we need to realize is our mental health is just as important as our physical health, if not more. Meditation, travel, actually relaxing on your day off, all of these help your mental health. They give your brain a chance to recharge. Getting the care and support you need is so important as well. Never hesitate to find counseling for your mental health.

You can start working on your mental health at home. Clear out any clutter. Paint your walls in calm, soothing colors. Create a space where you can have down time to unplug and unwind. Bring in plants to freshen the air. Plants clear toxins from the air and create oxygen…we all learned that in middle school science right?

It is also proven that fresh flowers bring health and happiness to our lives. Bringing flower arrangements into your home or giving them to others can reduce depression and anxiety. They can enhance memory and give a room a positive feeling, making patients heal faster physically as well as mentally.

It’s amazing what bringing a bit of nature into your home, whether it be a plant or a bouquet of flowers can do. Four Seasons Flowers has a wonderful selection of flower arrangements and plants to brighten up your space. Contact us to order an arrangement, plant, or dish garden at 1-858-484-7700 , on our site , or come in to our beautiful shop.

You can take one of our offered Fall or Holiday classes and learn how to create an arrangement of your own. We also do private classes, then you can share the fun and health benefits with your friends and family!

Upcoming events:

Saturday, November 23, Four Seasons Flowers Holiday Open House

Saturday, November 23, Fall Class – Mixture of dried and fresh flowers in a wooden box

Saturday, December 7, Holiday Wreath Class

Saturday, December 14, Holiday Centerpiece Class

Saturday, December 28, Vase Exchange – Bring in your vases in exchange for a bunch of flowers