Tips for Taking Care of your Fresh Valentine Bouquet

A loved one just gave you a gorgeous bouquet of fresh quality flowers from a professional florist. Here are some floral design tips so you can enjoy them even longer!

They don’t like extreme conditions ~ Don’t put them in an over heated room, near a furnace vent or fireplace, or in direct sunlight! In contrast don’t put them in a drafty area.
They are thirsty ~ Add water as needed (about every other day), and use cold water for better water uptake and to reduce bacteria growth.
Be sure the vase is clean ~ Check to make sure there are not leaves below the water line, and change the water as necessary using cold water (every 2-3 days).
Feed your flowers ~ When changing the water use the floral packet provided by your florist to reduce bacteria growth, encourage buds to open & lengthen the life of your flowers.
Cutting the stems ~ Some flowers continue to grow in water such as the tulip. When trimming them cut 1″ at an angle with a sharp clean knife of shears to not crush or damage the stems which can hinder the water intake.


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