Can I just say, Breathtaking! I was looking out our resort room window to see how the crowd was turning out and saw the ceremony space and almost fainted. Unbelievably breathtaking!  I’ve never seen anything so beautiful! The arrangements were were more than I could ever dreamed of. And the bouquets were exactly as I dreamed (even better)!
When Jill walked us to the reception ballroom and showed us the space before our guests arrived and seriously, it blew my socks off! That room looked like a reception hall for a princess! Absolutely stunning! Every table was like a dream! I love love love everything you did!
You have to put the pictures of that room and the ceremony space that my photographer took and put them in a magazine! Award winning arrangements! I could go on and on about how beautiful they were. And don’t get me started with the cake! Absolutely exquisite!
You took my vision and took it to a whole nother level! You honestly made my dreams come true. I’m getting teary eyed just thinking about how special the day played out. Jim and I still can’t believe how perfect it was. My dream of being a princess for a day came true! 
Thank you for everything! Everything was perfect and gorgeous!  A Forever Grateful Bride!