How much are you planning to Budget for your Wedding Flowers?

You’ve probably heard that you should expect to spend anywhere from 10% – 15% of your total wedding budget on the flowers. However, that is a very broad number and how does all of that break down?

Here is a general guide to help you determine how much you can plan to spend on flowers for a wedding. These are industry averages, but please understand that there are several factors that play a part in getting an accurate quote for your flowers. The most prominent factors in determining the wedding flowers budget are the types of flowers you choose and the number of designs you will need (i.e. do you have 3 bridesmaids or 10? 10 reception tables or 25?).

Bridal Bouquet: $150 – $350
Bridesmaid Bouquets: $55 – $100 each
Corsages: $20 – $45 each
Boutonnieres: $10.00 – $20 each
Flower Girl Basket with Petals: $25 – $40
Wedding Altar Arrangements: $150 – $500 each
Pew/Chair Markers: $15 – $50 each
Arch/Gazebo: $300 – $1,000
Chuppah Decor: $500 – $2000 (not including chuppah rental)
Buffet Table: $150 – $700
Guestbook Table: $45 – $125
Cake Topper: $55 – $125
Reception Centerpieces: $55 – $300 each
Toss Bouquet: Complimentary

Also know that most wedding florists will add an additional
fee for delivering and setting up your wedding flowers. If you have
rental items, there may also be a charge for coming back at the end of
your event to pick up those items.

If you are on a tight budget, here is a tip for lowering your price:

Focus on a color scheme, not on specific flowers:
Many of the so-called “wedding flowers” are very expensive. These
Include: mini calla lilies, stephanotis, hydrangeas, peonies,
ranunculus, tulips, viburnum, and lily of the valley. However, there
are many less expensive flowers that are available in the same colors
as the more expensive flowers. If some of the more expensive flowers are a “must have” for your wedding, then consider using them in the pieces that will count the most – your bridal bouquet, the main altar arrangements (where most of your wedding photos will be taken), the cake, etc. Use less
expensive flowers in the bridesmaid bouquets, arch and gazebo , and
reception centerpieces (photographers rarely take many pictures of
these since the guests have already arrived and are seated by the time, and they viewed and photographed at more distance

Source: unknown