Bohemian Eco-Friendly Field to Vase

A new style of flower arrangement, like a new look in fashion or beauty, appears on a magazine cover with a top celebrity and pretty soon it becomes the latest in floral trends. One of this year’s popular floral trends is field-to-vase. It is not only stylish it is also eco-friendly. So as “earth month” draws to a close, it is a great time to revisit “field to vase”!

We are all familiar with buying local and seasonal produce with farm-to-table. With that same eco-friendly, health conscious mind set think the same with flowers. Buying local and seasonal flowers is a good way to go green and reduce your environmental impact. Not only is buying local better for our surroundings, it also benefits local farms and families and promotes flowers that are fresh, minimizing chemicals, and without the stress of miles of transportation.

Field to vase style is about pairing the freshest local flowers with equal parts of foliage, herbs and vegetal plants in a bohemian non-symmetrical arrangement that has movement, interest, and incredible scent. There’s a right time and a right place for most things. As peaches are best enjoyed in late summer, so too are dahlias. You enjoy better quality in the height of the season and also save money through buying what is readily available. As a leading San Diego area florist, we at Four Seasons buy multiple times every week to bring you the freshest local grown flowers and foliage for use in all styles of design, including field to vase! We think every month should be Earth Month!