A New Play on Patterns for your Wedding

Chevron was big last year, but this year’s fresh new additions are trellis patterns, bold stripes and floral patterns! They are being used on everything from the bridesmaid’s dresses to the cake. The table top is also a great way to incorporate patterns, but be careful to use them in moderation. You don’t want them overwhelm or conflict with your floral centerpiece. Consider a table runner or napkin with a pattern instead of your entire linen. A chair bow or a stylish band placed around a beautifully folded napkin can also be subtle ways to incorporate your print without letting it take over. If you want to use a pattern for the entire floor length table linen, be sure to bring a sample to your florist. Their expertise will be critical to help balance and blend your look with your flowers! And, I’m predicting more polka dots… Kate Spade style!